YOU may be encouraging the dog's Bad Behaviour! - by Jean Marcellus Print
Written by Brian Adam   
Saturday, 01 June 2013 12:18

"Why does the dog destroy things when left alone?!?"  We get that question ALOT! Without even knowing it, YOU might be triggering such events - but don't worry: we're here to help you correct their behaviour (and yours!)

Young dogs or rescue dogs are not to be considered trustworthy.  They don't know the difference between their chew toys & their owners shoes, clothing, furniture or even baseboards. All they know, is that it feels good to chew on something and doing so relieves Stress! 

Why would your dog be stressed when you leave them alone? Most people have a relatively long conversation with dogs as to why they have to leave.  It may go something like this; “I’m so sorry I have to leave you for so long today, I’d really, really like to stay & play with you all day. I have to go to work so I can pay the bills! Sorry!!"

It’s not the actual words the owner’s their behaviour & 'sound of voice' that triggers the dog’s stress level.  They've now left the dog alone.  On the way by the closet, the dog discovers a shoe; he grabs it because it smells familiar. Being stressed, he begins to chew on it.  In about 5–to-15 minutes the stress is relieved, and they sleep until you return.

When his pack returns, the dog is happy again and runs to the door to greet them!  The owner notices the chewed shoe, becomes upset & may even yell at the dog.  Again, it’s the owner’s behaviour that triggers the dog’s behaviour.  The pup is confused, as that shoe was chewed 2-to-8 hours ago. The dog tries to calm the owner down, by offering submissive posturing. A showing of teeth (a smile), head low, tail low wagging slowly (most call this "the guilty look").

They now have another conversation with their dog in an angry tone “bad, bad dog! Do you know how much those shoes cost me? Why did you do that? Do you not love me; how could you?" Most people do not realize they are about to create what is known as “SEPARATION ANXIETY”. The owner thinks the dog knows what they are being punished for, but he has NO CLUE!

How do we correct this problem?  Click on the "CRATE TRAINING" link from Page 3, September 2011.  That's where you'll learn how & why you should Crate Train your dog, while you're away.  Get your dog or puppy crate-trained and don’t forget to give them something safe to chew on. Make your comings & goings from home quite normal.  Don’t have a conversation with them, and put anything of value up high and out of reach, or in closed closet.

May you always leave, and greet your Dog(s) with great behaviours! smiley Jean

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