The One-Minute Dog Exam - by PCE Trainer Jean Marcellus Print
Written by Brian Adam   
Thursday, 28 February 2013 22:42

Although not a training tip, "The One-Minute Dog Exam" is a great way to learn what's normal for your dog. While it won’t replace a vet check-up, it will alert you to potential problems - and more information you can provide, the better.

Once-a-day, run your hands over your dog.  Start at the face, across the back to the tip of the tail. Run your hands down each side, to the chest.  Then down their front legs. What are you feeling for?  Lumps, swelling, cold or heat.

Coat condition: dry, brittle, oily or soft.  Is your dog gaining, losing or staying at the same weight?  Also remember to check their nails & footpads.  It's very important NOT to let their nails grow too long, or they'll curl under. (It's not only uncomfortable, it's also hard on the joints)

Be sure to look into your dog's eyes?  Are they bright & clear?  Get to know the normal colour in your dog’s mouth; check teeth to ensure none are broken, crooked or chipped.  Check & smell both ears, so that you know what they should look & smell like.  Then if something just isn't right, you'll KNOW - and have it attended to immediately.

Remember: dogs can’t talk, so we as owners MUST PAY ATTENTION to both their physical & emotional needs.

'Til next time..."May you always be the voice for your dog!" smiley Jean


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