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"LEAVE IT!" (part 2) - by Jean Marcellus, PCE Trainer/Daycare Supervisor PDF Print E-mail
Written by Brian Adam   
Sunday, 01 April 2012 09:19

For a quick refresher on "LEAVE IT!" (Steps 1&2), scroll down. Now as you proceed to Step 3, your dog should be starting to stare at YOU, waiting for permission to “take it”. 

Step 3: Place the treat on the floor (be prepared to put your hand over the food, to keep them from getting 'free' treats!)  Move the food around, sometimes close to the dog, sometimes further away.  Keep practicing until you're sure your dog will “LEAVE IT”...until you tell them it's OK to: “TAKE IT”.

Step 4: You're now going to drop the treat on the floor; use a treat that's going to land on the floor (not bounce around or roll like kibble).  Try a small piece of hot dog, cheese or even a banana slice.  Drop the treat from about waist height & say LEAVE IT.  If you've built a strong foundation of practicing, your dog should pass this step with flying colours.  Be prepared to stop the dog from getting the treat, if they try to go for it. Repeat this exercise until you're sure they understand "Leave it!”

Step 5: At this point, you're going to test or 'proof' what they've learned.  We're going to change the rules a little.  We've been telling them to “take it” after a 5-to-10-second pause.  But if something fell on the floor that was really hot or poisonous, we would NOT want them to take it.  So, find something that unappealing to them, like a lemon or orange peel.  Place it on the counter, and pretend you're making something to eat.  Your dog needs to be close by watching you.  Knock the lemon peel onto the floor.  Use your “LEAVE IT" command.  If the dog leaves it, pick the peel up, and get a good treat as a reward.

Increase the value of the treats you knock off the counter or table.  Sometimes allow your dog to “Take it”, and other times?  Pick it up, and treat them with something else for a "GOOD LEAVE IT!"  I'll tell you about another use for "LEAVE IT", next time! smiley Jean


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