Proper Footwear when Training - by PCE Trainer Jean Marcellus Print
Written by Brian Adam   
Sunday, 14 April 2013 11:54

A timely tip, for those just venturing outside, after another long, snowy winter:

When Training, it's important that you maintain your balance at all times, so that your dog can't knock you down or drag you down the street!  While flip-flops are comfortable, and slip-on flats or high-heels are fashionable, they really won't help you maintain good balance, or proper control!  Heading outdoors with Man's Best Friend?  Choose RUNNING SHOES OR HIKING BOOTS!

One of the Best shoes for AGILITY TRAINING?  Click here to check out Clean Run.  They also sell agility clothes, training tools, videos, DVDs, books and more.  As everyone here at Pet Country Estate knows: Dog agility is one of the most exciting things that you can do with your dog! It's FUN & FAST!  Dogs love it and so does the crowd! 

For most competitors, it's just a matter of getting a better round than last time, or finally getting that first clear round. Tough to do, without proper shoes.  If your shoes are loose-fitting, or falling off your feet, you will not only lose time, but also risk hurting yourself if you slip & fall.  Remember: you must always train as if it is a competition and compete as if it is training. In other words: try to Train as best you can, so that when you actually compete, you'll both have "FUN!" The right shoes, will give you a great advantage! Now..."WHO WANTS TO GO FOR A WALK!?"

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