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BIG DOG vs. Small-dog Training - by Jean Marcellus, PCE Trainer PDF Print E-mail
Written by Brian Adam   
Sunday, 01 July 2012 06:55

Here's a question for the ages: Why do people with different sized dogs, think training them should be different?  Whether LARGE or small, both are still DOGS.  The reasons to train them might be different, but ALL dogs need at the very least: Basic Obedience (sit, down, come & stay) and proper manners.  For more information on our Puppy & Basic Obedience Programs, click here.

For safety reasons a larger dog needs to be trained to walk on a leash properly, so they won't pull you off your feet or drag you down the street.  Small dogs should be trained on a leash, so they're not under your feet causing you to trip over them.

Neither should be out front of you “leading the pack”.  Allowing this, makes them think they're the leaders (and humans are just followers)  BIG dogs need to know how to greet people ** by SITTING and not jumping up!  Doing so could lead to serious injury, should that person or small child fall.  As for small dogs, they tend to have sharper nails & could scratch people’s legs or a child’s arm or face. 

Many people feel that training a small dog commands such as Sit, Down, Stand or Stay is hard - because of all the bending they have to do.  Often times, they believe it's far easier to pick up the dog!  Here's another great tip: If bending is hard on you, bring the dog up to a higher level to start the training.

A foot stool, coffee table or even an ironing board can be a great tool.  Outside?  Try a picnic table.  If you train at this level, until they understand commands, you can easily transfer training the dog to the floor.  'Til next time, may your dog be well trained, regardless of its' size. smiley Jean

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