Avoiding Anxiety in Dogs - by PCE Trainer Jean Marcellus Print
Written by Brian Adam   
Saturday, 02 February 2013 12:59

How does one avoid creating anxiety when leaving your dog(s) in someone else’s care?  Whether Boarding them or placing them in Doggie Daycare here at Pet Country Estate, dropping them off at the groomer's or someone else’s house, the first thing you should do is take them on a TOUR of their new surroundings!

As owners, you also need to be comfortable with the location and the people who'll be caring for your dogs. Ask lots of questions; make sure you are happy with the answers. Be observant, to see if the other dogs staying appear happy in the environment. Most dogs should be comfortable meeting new people.  If you're hesitant, search out another place!  We recommend you visit more than one establishment, before making a final decision. Next, book your dog for a short visit - so they get to know the people, different smells & sounds.  Bring some treats and reward all positive behaviour. If the dog is unsure, you may have to bring them back a few times, in short increments of time.

Then, when you're BOTH comfortable with the situation, book a longer stay - and you'll be able to leave knowing they're in good hands.  Ask the place of business what they would recommend as a good timeframe.  The most important thing to remember is to act calm when you pass the dog to his/her new caregiver. The less excitement on your part, tells them it's a normal event. If you're stressed, nervous, excited or upset, you're alerting your dog that there's something wrong! (And the Dog, will risk becoming nervous & stressed!)  Remember to keep the experience upbeat & positive!  This will assure them, you're coming back!  Lastly, should you think your dog(s) suffer from Seperation Anxiety, be sure to click on Lexy's Health Tip for more information. 

Til next time: "May your Dogs enjoy meeting new people and visiting new places!" smiley Jean                                        

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