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Written by Brian Adam   
Wednesday, 07 December 2011 11:36

Seperate from our Dog Boarding facility,Pet Country Estate's FELINE GUESTS are housed in an exclusive, sanitary & comfortable temperature-controlled environment located right in the owner's home on our premises.

This welcoming, cats-only area with double-door security plays soothing music 24-hours a day.  It is also 4-times daily by dedicated volunteers to ensure fresh food, water & clean cat litter is accessible at all times. 




Monday to Friday     9:00am - 5:00pm 

(closed between 1pm - 3pm)

Saturdays                9:00am - 1:00pm

Sundays                   9:00am - 5:00pm

Our 'base boarding' consists of spacious indoor cat playpens, with 3-level sleeping options and 24-hour calming music played at all times. Cats are visited 4-times daily to ensure fresh water & clean cat litter is available. Along with our regular staff, we have wonderful volunteers that love to visit with them. Daily, regular exercise is recommended, and as such we ask that you allow your cat to take part in our cat “PLAY HOUR” program for a nominal fee.  

Pet Country Estate offers your cat an opportunity to be free to play in the indoor cat area on an hourly basis per the number of hours as requested at the time of drop off; your cat will be entertained by a staff or volunteer, petted & groomed, returning happily to their separate accommodation.

This daily activity will assist your cat to more readily enjoy their time away from you. We require that you bring your cat’s food with you. Changing a cat’s diet is not a good idea, and we ask that food & any supplements come in original packaging/containers, clearly labeled with your cat’s name. Cats are fed twice daily, or according to your instructions. Bringing your own bowls is not required as we use ceramic bowls that are easily sterilized. We will provide bedding & toys; if you prefer to bring a favorite toy it can easily be made available for your cat.  We will ask that you apprise us of your cat’s idiosyncrasies/habits so we can address their needs to the best of our ability. Unaltered males & females over six months cannot be accepted. 

The rate for “base” boarding is $20 + HST daily.  A $2 per hour charge applies for "Play Hour" enhancement.  On day of pickup, there's an extra $2 an hour charged after 12-noon until you arrive in lieu of another day’s rate.  Should your cat require meds, there's a $1-$5 fee per  administration; dependent upon type required.  Should you have multiple cats, they can be housed together in one of our large cat enclosres; a $10 fee will apply for the second cat. If staying more than 5 days, we ask for an advance deposit of 50% 

MANDATORY ITEMS that must accompany your Cat(s): A copy of your annual vet certificate showing inoculations are up to date. Rabies & feline combo including distemper is required. Cats must be on a flea prevention program. For your pet’s safety, we ask that your cat be delivered to us in a proper carrier. Call (705) 431-1010 or email: to book their stay. Please note: We only accept cash or debit as payment.


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