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Wednesday, 26 January 2011 16:30

Volunteer hours will be scheduled on an as needs basis, and mutually agreed to. Once mutual hours have been agreed to, it will be appreciated if unable to fulfill them, that you give us a call. The majority of volunteer hours will be morning (commencing at approximately 9:00am), however a limited number of afternoons and some evenings are available.

  • VolunteerKennel work does sometimes get messy, so good wear is not suggested, however casual wear must be suitable to meet the public in.
  • Should volunteers be asked to support a special function for the kennel, they will be required to wear the kennel outfit which is provided
  • Coffee and drinking water will be available at the kennel patio; snacks and lunches etc., will be the volunteer's responsibility, there is a refrigerator available.
  • There is an outdoor sanitation unit for human relief.
  • Smoking is permitted, only at the kennel patio area; cigarette butts must be disposed of in the sand pails provided.
  • Parking is available at the front of the house (circular driveway).
  • Volunteers will be responsible for their own transportation, unless otherwise mutually agreed.
  • Volunteers may bring their dogs, no problem; while the volunteer is actually "working" they will be kenneled or tethered as appropriate.
  • Volunteers are asked not to speak on behalf of Pet Country Estate as it conducts it's own business affairs with the Public.
  • If you have any concerns address them openly.


  • Cleaning all areas associated to kenneling dogs and cats-inside and out; washing walls, moping floors, sweeping runs, raking tethering areas, picking up poop.
  • Washing bowls, assisting in feeding and watering animals, walking dogs, petting animals
  • Assisting in grooming, assisting in training
  • Cleaning the patio area, washing the tables, making coffee, other general chores associated with the total kennel program, assisting in general property maintenance like cutting grass.
  • At all times behaving appropriately with respect to colleagues, customers and the animals at Pet Country Estate.

For More information on Volunteer Opportunities, please call us at:

(705) 431-1010

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