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"Rosslyn & Liz"...This Is Us! PDF Print E-mail
Written by Brian Adam   
Sunday, 08 March 2020 12:02

Pronounced Ro"z"lyn, Moonbeam's beautiful Golden Girl is named after Rosslyn Chapel in Scotland.

The name itself is thought to have been brought over by the Knight's Templar.  Upon fleeing their home country of France, the Templars spread over Spain, Ireland, England & Scotland. 

Rosslyn Chapel is a gorgeous place. When visiting, the area feels somewhat mysterious, as it is the Templars who held many secrets regarding a vast fortune - which has never been found. Within the chapel there are numerous Masonic symbols that to this day have yet to be deciphered. Hence I picked Rosslyn's registered name as "Secrets of Rosslyn".

Who's a Good Girl?!  ROSSLYN is!  And it's time for Walk-eys!  

Remember, when it comes to animals, all you need is LOVE (+ a leash of course!)

Sincerely, Liz Gordon.

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