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How to ensure Puppy Playdates are fun for everyone PDF Print E-mail
Written by Brian Adam   
Saturday, 27 January 2018 12:46

Whether visiting the dog park or getting together as a group, playtime with other dogs is an important part of their socialization. With that in mind, you must be mindful to make this a positive experience, and minimize the risk of illness or injury for all involved. Here are some tips & guidelines to keep in mind, to do just that:

Young pups should avoid areas with heavy dog traffic, until fully-vaccinated.

Avoid interactions if yours dog is ill, or has recently been in contact with an ill dog.

Female dogs in heat should not attend group events or visit dog parks.

Foster puppies should only be allowed off-leash in a securely-fenced area, and be closely supervised.

Limit the number of dogs in an off-leash area at a time, and be mindful of size differences between pups.

Always ensure your dpg is under control before releasing them to play. Mix in some obedience sessions with off-leash play; use playtime as a reward for good behaviour around other dogs.  Practice the “Come” command by calling your them during playtime, rewarding them then release them back.  Lastly, always be willing to end play and leave if your puppy or any other dogs are behaving inappropriately. 

Should you have any behavioural concerns with regards to your dog's interactions with others (canine or human) feel free to approach any of our Pet Country staff.  We would be happy to help with everything from Basic Obedience to Doggie Daycare and even Agility Training.

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