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Up next on our Holiday Calendar: St. Paw-tricks Day! PDF Print E-mail
Written by Brian Adam   
Tuesday, 20 February 2018 21:04

Be it shamrocks, rainbows or leprechauns, all of these shennanigans can be overwhelming for pets!  Here are some great tips for keeping your pets safe this ST. PAW-TRICKS DAY:

Please remember dogs should have absolutely NO alcoholic beer or beverages of any kind!  No matter how much they might beg for food and drink, alcohol is TOXIC for your pets and the human food we consume on this day can make them extremely sick.

Our four-legged friends weren't blessed with a green coat (Thanks "Captain Obvious!") While we don't recommend it, if you’re going to dye your dog’s fur, make sure to use non-toxic, all-natural vegetable dye. The best way to ensure this colouring won’t affect their sensitive skin or harm them if ingensted?  Is NOT to do it! Why risk harming them just for a lark?

Don’t want a bad fur day disaster? Try a St. Patrick’s Day dog (or cat) costume instead! They can be the most fur-ocious Irishman roaming the streets, or the cutest little four-legged clover you've ever seen, after all it’s good luck.

The city might be going to the dogs, but you and your dog should go for your walk away from bars, parties, and parades. If your pets are in the house where there's going to be a party, make sure there is a no-disturb area where they can relax and stay out of trouble.

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