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Travelling with your Snow Angels this Winter? PDF Print E-mail
Written by Brian Adam   
Saturday, 28 December 2019 18:39

Whether visiting family or off on a ski vacation, here's your "SNOWY TRAVEL CHECKLIST!"

Proper Identification keeps Pets Safe.  Should they become separated from you, it's crucial they be identified. More than 80% of unidentified pets who are lost are never reunited with their owners. That's a scary number, not to be taken lightly.

What can you do to protect them?  Use pet ID tags with your cell # - as you won't be there, to answer your home phone.  If spending few weeks in one place, consider buying a second Pet ID tag with local contact info, where you'll be.  Consider the added safety of a microchip.  Then if you're seperated, a shelter or veterinarian can read the chip, and track you down through a worldwide database.

Plan Ahead!  Any good vacation merits planning. Make airline reservations early,  as they limit the number of pets per flight, and hotels only have a limited number of pet rooms available.  Traveling by air can be stressful for both you & them. Know their Pet Policy, so there will be no surprises that could ruin your vacation.

Get a good pet crate or carrier.  They're a great way to keep your pet safe when traveling by car. Unless confined or harnessed, their behavior may cause distractions. As much as we all like smaller pets in our lap, it's detrimental to their safety & yours. Consider crating them or using a harness.  If you're flying, crating them is a MUST!  It's their "safe place" - where they feel secure.

Don't leave your pet alone!  Temperatures inside vehicles can climb very quickly - even with windows slightly open. No matter where you are when you travel, when you leave, your pet will react by trying to find you. Should they escape from their tethers, they will be at great risk.

Bring food and water.  When on a Roadtrip, be prepared with a fresh water supply & extra Pet Food - as you may not find your Pet's brand.

Know your hotel. To avoid surprises upon arrival, call in advance to ask about their Pet Policies. The majority of Pet-friendly hotels, motels and bed & breakfasts accept pets - but not always all types and sizes. It's vital you know beforehand, as your make your reservations.

Learn about your destination. Research local pet services in advance. Find the nearest veterinarian, dog parks & pet friendly restaurants. International destinations require special veterinary certificates.  When traveling to most countries, there will be no pet quarantine, but you must have the proper forms. Advance planning will pay off!

Try to keep them on their regular schedule.  Feed them & take them on walks, as close to their regular time as possible. Be sure to pack all their accessories, leash & collar, food & water, pick-up bags & pet first-aid kit.  Stay away from medical tranquilizers, and instead look into all-natural Pet Calmers that will make them less anxious.

Be considerate. Although there are many pet lovers in this world, others do not feel comfortable around pets. Always try to respect this by restraining your pet when necessary.  With proper planning, you CAN travel together safely and comfortably!  However, should they be unable or unwilling to with you, please remember: Pet Country Estate offers wonderful accomodations for both dogs & cats.  To learn more about our Doggie Daycare & Boarding hours, call (705) 431-1010 and you'll both enjoy worry-free Holidays!

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