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Travelling with your pets this Summer? PDF Print E-mail
Written by Brian Adam   
Tuesday, 24 July 2018 16:14

While DOGS & CATS are always welcome to board here at Pet Country Estate, the Travel & Tourism industry is making it easier to travel with your canine companions. When booking hotels, check to see if they are indeed "Pet Friendly". Some have strict "Small Dogs Only" policies (under a certain weight of 15-to-20 lbs), so It's best to review individual Pet Policies online. Can't find the specific info you're looking for? A quck call will not only outline any additional pet-related costs, it will help you find the perfect accomodations to meet your needs.

Here are some additional tips, once the reservation's been confirmed:

1. Ensure Your Dog is Safely Strapped In. On a road trip, strap them in with a canine seatbelt harness - not only for their safety, but yours as well. If your vehicle is large enough, consider crating them.

2. Make Frequent Pit Stops. Be sure to take many breaks from driving - more than you think you need. Dogs get restless when traveling and that adds to your stress. Service centres are ideal to walk the dog around to stretch legs and do its business, and top-up plastic containers with fresh cold water.

3. Get Organized.  Think of all the things your dog needs and uses on a daily basis, such as food/water and food bowls.  Create a checklist in advance.

4. Clean Up After Your Dog. The poop 'n scoop principle still applies on-the-road, wherever you go.  So be considerate of your surroundings, even if you think no-one is watching.

5. Get Plenty of Exercise.  Before you depart, and as soon as you arrive, take your dog out for a long walk or run. Let them sniff the grounds and burn off some energy.

6. Plan Ahead for Separation Anxiety. Think of how long they'll be alone in the hotel room when you go for meals, etc. to avoid separation anxiety and nuisance barking. If you are staying in a hotel or resort, you probably can't take them into dining areas. If your dog barks while you're away, that will disrupt other guests and may cause problems for you with hotel staff. Check to see if the hotel has dog-sitting services.

7. Keep the Dog Calm. Not only will the hotel's staff appreciate it, so will other guests. With some careful planning ahead and wise decision-making, you can have the freedom to travel with you dog - and an enjoyable experience overall.

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