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Written by Brian Adam   
Monday, 23 September 2019 07:29

AMBRA GREAVES: "My rabbit stayed for a weekend, and he had a blast. While he did have to bring his own crate, the staff are knowledgeable of rabbits so don't feel like your bunny can't stay there too. It's honestly an animal lover's paradise. It's a different world when you set foot at the place." 

CHRIS OULTON says: "DAVE" (our dog) loves going to hang out with his friends!  Pet Country Estate is very accommodating. Clean & prompt with friendly service, they provide great value.  He doesn't stink when we get him back (unlike the last place). He comes back exhausted from playing so much ;) great place to kennel your dog.

FELICIA WILLIAMS "Having used their boarding services twice for our dog, we've been thrilled with Pet Country Estate's caring staff.  Professional and friendly, the grounds are kept clean." RACHELLE ROBERTSON writes: "Our dogs BOOTS and WILLOW have been going here for 3 years.  They take advantage of full-day daycare & overnight stays, and come back home exhausted from hours of play! Staff are great and know them by name when we arrive. When we pull in the driveway we always roll down the windows so they can see & smell where they're going and their tails start wagging!"

PHIL A: "We have been taking our dog to this kennel for 7 years.  The trainers are fantastic and my dog loves staying here. When he was a puppy, he didn't want to come home. Dogs are fed their own food, we choose the stay-&-play options and he gets lots of exercise.  We've done everything from one-night to weeklong stays as well as short daycare stints during his approximately 30 visits over the years.  The property on the 20th sideroad has a dirt driveway.  If you have a larger dog that gets in & out of the vehicle by himself as we do, you many want to bring a towel or old sheet on wet days to deal with muddy feet.  It's not an issue most of the time as the staff are great and bring the dog indoors to dry him off prior to your arrival if it's really wet outside."

VH: "I have boarded my police dog here for 8 years and have always had excellent service.  The staff is great and they have always respected the "Rules" that come with a service dog. My dog at well when he was in their care and he was always clean when I picked him up.  Pet Country Estate takes great pride in their service to Law Enforcement dogs and they earned the trust of many police K9 handlers.  Liz and her team provide quality care with a special attention to details.  Thank you and great work Pet Country Estate Team!"

LIISA TAVERNER: "We've been clients at Pet Country Estate for over 20 years. Both our dogs have enjoyed excellent care from their well-trained and friendly staff. Recently, we had to leave our current dog for a month-long stay. We new she would be very well taken care-of and treated like one of the family. The Doggie Daycare is a real plus for our dogs to get exercise and socialize during their stay. The kennels are clean and the property is very well kept.  I would recommend Pet Country Estate to anyone looking ofr a clean and reputable place to take their dog.  Thank you Liz/Jim & staff for always taking such good care of Sheila."

ANITA SIMPSON (Paws-for-a-Cause Coffee Station Volunteer Extraordinaire) "Pet Country Estate has served us well in many areas of care for our dogs.  Their Doggie Daycare is run by trained staff members who are always polite and willing to address any concerns that we may have (I usually have a lot of questions as staff is so knowledgeable.  Training is great!  "Jean" is a phenomenal trainer who is always there to give sound advice on our "girls".  One of two supervisors Jennifer is also commited to the animals in their care.  I would highly recommend training, doggie daycare and overnight stays as I know this top-notch kennel is a well-run and managed facility.

Our experience goes back 20 years with 4 different dogs!  Way to go Pet Country and THANK YOU!  PS. Our girls know where they're going when we turn the corner and it is hard to contain their excitement!  That is what we want for them, to like it and be comfortable & well cared for...and they know it.  The Manager is awesome too.  I can't say enough about their experience and knowledge!"

Daughter DIANA SIMPSON concurs: "Pet Country's an amazing place for dogs to stay and play!  They truly have the most compassionate and knowledgeable staff around. I highly recommend!" STU PEGG:"Always take good care of our dog." 

JEANETTE YEO: "Excellent facility. Animals are well taken care of, staff is efficient and pleasant."

KATHRYN WILKING says: I LOVE this place!  Our two dogs to to Doggie Daycare once-a-week and sometimes they stay on weekends. Our little rescue girl has some issues, yet it is so nice to see the staff greet both of our dogs with so much affection and hugs. I trust Pet Country Estate will look after my pups completely. Thank you so much!"

CYNTHIA COLLINS adds: "The best place to board your dog, run by great people, owners and staff!  My dog FERGIE loves going there as they take great pride in caring for all dogs.  TWO PAWS UP for Pet Country Estate!  Thank you all for taking such great care of FERGIE!"

TERESA PLATI: "Amazing place. Amazing staff."  ROBERT THIESSEN: "They provide great care." 

DAVE WOOD: "Our Dog loved it there!"  CHRIS HOOPER: "Can't Be Beat!!!"  

JANA LARKIN: "My pup LOVED it there and was always happy.  He hated to leave." 

SUSAN BODDINGTON: "Excellent kennel.  My dog JASPER loves going there." KERRY-ANN says: "Totally true!"

JOLENE NEWHOOK: "I have used Pet Country Estate for the entire 13.5 years of my dog's life. Our chocolate lab HUNTER absolutely loved going to Liz, Jim and all of his friends.  We felt tremendously at ease leaving him with them. Thanks to all the great people at Pet Country Estate for all of your hard work and love for the animals.  It means alot to their families.  If/When we get our next dog, you will be our boarding place."

MARGARET HARLOS: "We have been with pet country for almost 20 years. All of our pups have attended puppy & obedience classes at Pet Country Estate, and they are amazing! Our Boston terrier "BRUIN" goes to daycare almost daily and has been with them since he was 12 weeks old, he's 4 now. We love the consistency as the training that he received at obedience classes is reinforced at daycare. This makes home life so easy. The staff are professional and extremely loving to all the animals. In light rain this past summer, Bruin was wrapped in a towel and carried to the truck. On wet days they carry him to the truck as not to get any mud on him or in the truck.  Both of our dogs are boarded at Pet Country when we travel. Our older "JACK" gets special attention, as he was a rescue and wasn't socialized with dogs. The staff - especially the kennel manager Patty Page has been instrumental in getting him in with dogs so he can get some playtime. Both get plenty of fresh air, lots of exercise and TLC. Jack gets excited when we take him there and never looks back at us. We cannot say enough about owner Liz Gordon, Jim, Patty, Jean, Jennifer and all the staff at Pet Country. Thank you!"

HOLLI BILKEY: "Our pups have had fabulous stays under the care of your highly-trained, professional & caring staff.  As always they're so happy to arrive to the warm & friendly hugs from Patty, Jean and the team.  We first arrived at the "estate" 6 years ago after carefully investigating numerous other facilities. As both our pups have had orthopedic difficulties since birth, finding a place to care for otherwise healthy active large breed animals in need was initially a challenge. You were recommended by our Vet and we're thankful that we found you! Keep up the great work!"

CHEE C: "Absolutely fabulous place!  We have our two Sam's there a couple of times a year.  We do the overnight & doggy daycare and they love it! When they come home, they're not stressed out at all. The Pet Country Estate team is professional and caring. I highly recommend it."  

JO-ANNE RANSOME concurs: "My two Havenes love going to Doggie Daycare!"  MIKE BARTH: "Our Dog loves Pet Country Estate's Doggie Daycare!  She plays with lots of other dogs and comes home nice and tired. Very reasonable rates too."

TW0001 writes: "My dog was sick and they noticed something wasn't right.  They called me right away and quickly took him to the vet at my request."  MICHAEL EDWARDS says: "Our Dog loves it here!"

NICOLE CONWAY: "I was very hesitant to take my dog to a kennel overnight, but when an emergency came up and after a lot of searching, I chose Pet Country Estate. It was the best decision I made when it came to my puppy!  I choose an overnight stay with doggy daycare. When I returned, she seemed as happy as when I dropped her off; not stressed and well taken care of.  They also told me she became best friends with another puppy the same age that weekend! I have used Pet Country Estate many times since my first visit and will continue to do so, with no regrets!"

CATT GBARROS: "My pup has been going here since he was 5 months old - and he loves it!! Great caring staff, they ensure he is safe. He goes often for daycare, and always is happy to go with them.  He trots behind eager to go play, and happy when he comes out to see me (ready to go home and sleep!) Although he's a little guy, it was suggested agility training might be of interest.  WOW, he picked up the lessons asap, loves the runs and isn't afraid of the moving objects. Even though I am an "Overprotective Momma", I'm so glad we decided to bring him. I have no worries bringing him for daycare or overnight. I'm thrilled at the suggestion of agility training and love the look on pup's face as he does the runs - biggest smile and shining love flying out of his eyes as he goes for his turn. Highly suggest this place. Thanks to all!"

AMBER W: "Very professional, clean and overwhelmingly gorgeous atmosphere. I've noticed a positive change in Fozzy when I bring him here. Thank you for all of your effort and hard work to keep all cared for and happy!"  KATRINA LEGGETT concurs by saying: "Our puppy loved her time there!"  BARTER BOTHERS: "Family run & operated by great folks."

JEFF LAZARUS: "We could not be happier to have added the newest member of our family, from Pet Country Estate."

KHYLE TAYLOR: "Great Kennel. Fair rates and the staff is super friendly and helpful."

Darlene Kidman, Cathy West, Cheryl Morino, Cathy Wood, Nat Cho, Jennifer Paige, Jo-Anne Chapelle, Brittany Sim, Lisa Aubin, Dena Rabinowich, IcleeeMann and Francis Underwood also left wonderful Google My Business Reviews.

Thank you all for taking the time to let us know how much we mean to you.  The feeling is mutual.

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