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Written by Brian Adam   
Saturday, 27 January 2018 10:50

Download your Premiums HERE and we'll see you, right here at Pet Country Estate May 4th, 5th & 6th with esteemed Judges Sharon Ransom and Monica Terry presiding.  As always space is limited, so please be sure to download and submit your premiums for this initial weekend no later than April 20th.

New this year: AAC requirements insist checking jump cards prior to each competition and all entries must be accompanied by a photo/scan/copy of your jump card. 

In addition to Sharon & Monica, our Judging Roster will be comprised of:

Sandy MacDavid, Arlene Lehmann, Billie McLean and Pam Higham-Ford. We look forward to seeing what kind of challenging courses they bring with them.  While our agility-fields are snow-covered at the moment, it won't be long until we see green grass, colourful ribbons and fun-loving friendly dogs of all sizes taking part (& their "humans" of course).


Why not sign up for an upcoming class!  Step 1: talk to those who LOVE the sport, like Pet Country Estate Kennel Supervisor Pattie Page at (705) 431-1010.  You can also email Liz Gordon.  At only $135 +HST you won't believe how much stronger your BOND will be, in just 6 weeks!

The sport began in England in 1978 and has grown in popularity ever since!  The course mimics the hunt for prey that a dog would experience in the wild; it includes climbing slopes, walking briskly and jumping logs, weaving through thick brush and under bushes. Westminster Kennel Club now offers agility trials as part of their annual Dog Show.

"AGILITY" demonstrates a dog’s willingness to work with a handler - while being able to communicate as the team.  Together, you must navigate obstacles while racing against the clock.  Many find dog agility to be extremely fun, habit forming and a great form of exercise.

Available for any pedigree or mix breed dog of any size, Agility only one limitation: your canine partner must be physically fit for the sport. Dogs younger than 18 months should be checked to make sure they’ve finished growing, to prevent injury.  Show classes are divided by jump heights in order to make the competition as equal as possible between the different sizes of dogs. The shoulder height of the dog is used to set the minimum jump height.  It's recommended some basic obedience classes be taken (also available here at Pet Country Estate) before starting agility training. In group agility classes, the dogs will need to work with their person, and not be too distracted by the other dogs.

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