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Written by Brian Adam   
Saturday, 04 May 2019 20:33

Dear Liz: My two Pet Country Goldens WINSTON (now 9) and MILES (can’t believe he's almost 5) are doing great!  They're enjoying a very happy life here on our country property, spending their days chasing chipmunks, digging holes, keeping the neighbour’s dog on its' own property etc. and going for long walks on the nearby trails. 

Did you know? Winston is also a Skateboard Addict! 

He's constantly bugging me to open the garage door so I can shoot the skateboard up and down our driveway, then tries to ride it with his front paws and then summons me to push it again.  Miles just takes it all in, but is not interested in the skateboard. These dogs are too funny! I come home at lunch for the dogs and my daughters have flexible schedules so we're only gone for a few hours.  They know the drill and just chill on the couch.  They're so cool & easy-going, a 3rd would have to have a similar temperament. 

With that in mind, I'd like to be considered as a possible “home provider” for you.  Should someone ever return one of your goldens for whatever reason, I'd love to provide a home for an older puppy (5+ months) or an adult.

Thank you again for connecting us with Miles!  He's such a lovely dog.  I have no issues with him and love the temperament of all 3 Goldens I've had from you.  As you know, "BEN" left us about 2 years ago at the age of 13, but he was also a very "GOOD BOY!"  Here's a recent picture of Winston on the left and Miles is on the right. All the best, Susan

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