Pre-paid Hourly Doggie Daycare Discounts? Yes Please! Print
Written by Brian Adam   
Monday, 15 November 2021 00:11

"A Good Dog is a Tired Dog!" Here at Pet Country Estate, we specialize in providing your pets with just the right amount of exercise & socialization. Why risk the seperation anxiety that comes with leaving your dogs at home for extended periodds of time, when they can make new friends in a safe and supervised environment such as ours. Best of all? The more hours you buy, the more you save!  NOTE: All newcomers must pay a one-time non-refundable temperament evaluation fee of: $15 per dog. 

In need of an overnight stay?  Call (705) 431-1010 or email:

Additional Hours: Just $4.50 per hour after 24 hours is exceeded.

Doggie Daycare pre-paid discount packages may be purchased as follows: 



$20.00 ($2.50 OFF) $4.00
10 $45.00 $39.00 ($6 OFF) $3.90
25 $112.50 $93.50 ($19 OFF) $3.74
40 $180.00 $148.50 ($31.50 OFF) $3.71
50 $225.00 $176.00 ($49 OFF) $3.52
100 $450.00 $341.00 ($109 OFF) $3.41
150 $675.00 $495.00 ($180 OFF) $3.30
200 $900.00 $638.00 ($262 OFF) $3.19









  • In good health, free from communicable disease;
  • Free of fleas & ticks and on a preventative treatment program;
  • All dog vaccination requirements must be current; Owners must submit written proof that their dog has received DHLPP, Bordatella and rabies.
  • Puppies must have been administered their second set of vaccinations.
  • In the event a dog has been ill with a condition in the last 30 days a vet certification of return to health must be submitted for the dog to be admitted or readmitted
  • All dogs are to be neutered/spayed when of an age to be so (9 months to a year old). A female in season will not be able to attend until her season has passed; All puppies must be 12 weeks or older.

Owners are required to certify that their dogs have not harmed or shown any aggression towards persons or other dogs. Any dog that becomes aggressive after being enrolled is removed from the daycare environment and held in the boarding kennels until the owner returns; strategies will be discussed, up to and including possible removal from the program.

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