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Written by Brian Adam   
Sunday, 09 September 2012 03:41

To all of our incredible Service Dog Recipients: "May your lives be forever enhanced and limitations give way to endless opportunities, due to this new-found partnership."

In just 10 years, Paws For a Cause/Family Day raised an incredible $90,116 for the training of Dog Guides for Canadians with Disabilities.  Here's how we made it all happen, together...From 2004-2009: Pet Country Estate sponsored TEN Canadian Guide Dogs for the Blind 

2010-2013: Teaming up with The Gilford, Thornton & Barrie South Lions Clubs, we sponsored an additional SIX Hearing-Ear Dogs, and ONE Autism-Assistance Dog for The Lions Foundation of Canada Dog Guide Program.

After 2014's Paws for a Cause Event, Pet Country Estate and the "RU Ready Agility" Team made a joint donation of $2,540, at the Innisfil-Stroud Community Centre.  In 2015, another $3,000 was added to this total after a special one day-only Fall Agility Trial.  We upheld this tradition in 2016 donating another $1,280 to The Lions Foundation of Canada...and the results speak for themselves!

November 10th, 2016: Combining & matching RU Ready Agility's September 2015 & 2016 Fall Agility Fundraising Totals has allowed us to sponsor:  Bernard & Hearing-Ear Dog "ZIPPY".  Pictured on the left next to their official Graduation Photo, is Hearing-Ear apprentice instructor Kayla using ASL (American Sign Language) to communicate with Bernard. 


November 2015: Our sponsored Dog Guide Teams from Paws-for-a-Cause 2014 are

Monique & Faith...          AND:          Laura & Norma...


February 25, 2015: We were honoured to attend The Lions Foundation's Autism Class Recognition Ceremony at Oakville's National Training Centre.  We were also privileged to meet: Autism-Assistance Dog "ZEPPELIN" and 5-year old JALEN.  To our absolute delight, proceeds from  Paws for a Cause 2013 (our 10th & final Family Day held at Pet Country Estate) were instrumental in this introduction.


December 20, 2012: Pet Country Estate proudly attended The Lions Foundation of Canada "Dog Guide Graduation Ceremony!" It is indeed an honour to introduce all of our Paws for a Cause/Family Day supporters to: "FLORA-MARIE & DAVIS" (Hearing Ear Dogs: Class of 2012) and "WAYNE & GEM".
















From the Class of 2011, meet...


















"PAULINE & DICE" (Hearing Ear Dogs: Class of 2010) and "SUSAN & THELMA"














2009 Canadian Guide Dogs for the Blind Graduates: "GEM" and "ADORA"















2008 Canadian Guide Dogs for the Blind Graduates: "AJAX" and "VALE"















2007 Canadian Guide Dogs for the Blind Graduates: "REMY" and "LORRAINE"















2006 Canadian Guide Dogs for the Blind Graduates: "HAPPY" and "MAISEY"
















2005 Canadian Guide Dogs for the Blind Graduates: "TRILLIUM II" and "ZING"


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