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Our beautiful "BETTY" is now in training to become a Service Dog! PDF Print E-mail
Written by Brian Adam   
Tuesday, 05 December 2017 22:16

As many of you know, all 8 of Carli's pups born in September, have now moved into their Forever Homes. However we are thrilled and honoured to announce that "BETTY" (pictured here) is now in training to become a Service Dog! It's with great pleasure that we share RIE's letter with you:

Oh my goodness...I am SO in Love!! Betty is the sweetest, most gentle little babe. She's very clever, confident and a whole lot of clumsy/puppy cuteness overload!  She knows her name, goes up & down the porch stairs like a pro and remains quite calm when exploring her surroundings. Having five kids, there's always something falling or banging.  She might startle, but then investigates for another brief moment, then she's on her way again.

The first few days, I just had my wheelchair sitting in the sunroom. Then we brought it into the house and put some of her kibble around. She left the kibble and just went exploring on it! Today I took her out for a little walk in front of the house, and she walked alongside my wheelchair like it was completely normal.

My heart is just beaming and so full of love for this sweet, precious girl!  I can't wait to see her grow and learn new things. She's been the light at the end of the tunnel, as I've been through a pretty difficult time with my health recently. Whenever she's tired or done playing, she wiggles her way in between my legs and is always by my feet. 

It's great, and I can't thank you enough!  Take care, RIE (& BETTY)


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