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Let's make Easter Weekend fun for everyone! PDF Print E-mail
Written by Brian Adam   
Sunday, 04 March 2018 14:14

Unbeknownst to us, our pets can be surrounded by Holiday Health Hazards throughout the calendar year.  Easter Weekend is no exception I'm afraid.  With that in mind, here's something you may not be aware of: Every part of an Easter Lily is TOXIC!  

Even its' water can cause problems for your pets.  Lilies are notorious for causing kidney failure, so if your cat has chewed on any part of these plants - get them straight to the vet's for IV fluids. If you wait too long, it may be too late.

Species to watch out for are part of the true lily family: Lilium and Hemerocallis. Any exposure should be taken seriously and treated aggressively. Lily of the Valley is toxic to BOTH dogs and cats - this one hits the heart instead of the kidneys.

Easter baskets usually have chocolate bunnies and chocolate eggs - you get the idea. If your dog or cat eats chocolate - call your vet right away. Chocolate contains both theobromine and caffeine - in high enough levels, this can cause vomiting, diarrhea, heart arrhythmia, seizures and death. The sooner you get them help, the better the outcome may be.

Another component of those Easter baskets is the grass filling that helps everything look so pretty. This grass looks like a lot of fun, especially to cats! BUT, these plastic strings can clog up the stomach and intestines. Make sure to throw this filling away, and you just might save your dog or cat's life.

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