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If it's hot for you, just imagine what it's like for dogs! PDF Print E-mail
Written by Brian Adam   
Thursday, 04 July 2019 09:47

While summer can be a wonderful time for you and your pets, please remember to be extra careful with regards to the many dangers surrounding them. Always keep in mind: Temperatures inside vehicles climb rapidly, even with open windows!  

If you have to ask "Is it TOO HOT to take them with me today?" 

You already know...the answer is: YES!

Here at Pet Country Estate, we proudly encourage responsible pet ownership!  If you cannot take your pets shopping with you, it's best to leave them in the cool comfort of your home.  For everyone's safety: DO NOT LEAVE THEM ALONE IN A PARKED CAR, EVER!!


Take the pledge:  Let’s have "NO HOT PETS" this summer!

Remember: Rising Summer Temps + Dogs in Cars = EXTREME DANGER!  Since dogs don’t have the ability to sweat, they can only withstand the heat for a very short period of time.  If a dog's body temp increases by just two degrees, it can result in irreparable brain damage within minutes - even death!

Each year, OSPCA Officers receive hundreds of "Pets in car" calls! For more information, visit:, or:  Share these links with everyone you know! And lastly: if you do find a pet that you think may be suffering from heat exhaustion, and the owner cannot be quickly located, please contact the Police, or call your Ontario SPCA Branch at: 1-888-ONT-SPCA1-888-ONT-SPCA FREE (668-7722).  Email:

If we ALL do our part, we can ensure this unfortunate situation (& its' inevitable, but most AVOIDABLE fatalities) will never come to pass. Together, let's ensure that both Humans & Canines can truly enjoy our Lazy, Hazy "Dog Days" of Summer!


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