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Fall Arrives September 22nd PDF Print E-mail
Written by Brian Adam   
Sunday, 06 September 2020 21:40

Thanksgiving left-overs aren't the only things that could be harmful to your pets. As days get shorter and nights get cooler, please keep this list in mind and by all means share it with other Pet parents you know.

1. Nighttime walks: While evening walks happen year-round, with the transition to shorter days, you might not be prepared when darkness falls halfway through your walk. That’s why it’s a good idea to have some kind of reflective gear on you and your dog, especially in areas with cars zooming by.

2. Mushrooms: Cool rainy weather and composting leaf piles make the perfect environment for mushrooms to start popping up everywhere!  Just as you wouldn’t start plucking and eating toadstools off the ground, neither should your dog. While not all are toxic, you never know which type can be. So keep a close watch when going for hikes in woodsy areas and other places mushrooms thrive.

3. Fleas and ticks: If you think fleas and ticks are a thing of the past once temperatures start going down, think again. You and your pup may pick them up on camping trips or walks through trees or tall grass, and nobody has time for itching or disgusting ticks that can transmit Lyme Disease and a host of other nasties that can come when dealing with these pests. You’ll want to have your pup on a flea and tick control product, so they won't stand a chance!

4. Mothballs: You can try to cling onto summer and get away with wearing flip flops for a little while longer, but cold weather wins out eventually. That’s when the cozy sweaters come out! It's very important to keep all dogs away from mothballs. At the first sign of 'mothball breath', take them to a vet ASAP.

5. Compost: If your dog likes to help out in the garden, make sure you keep them away from the compost pile.  You don’t want to deal with gastronomical issues that might result from eating half-decomposed food.  Apple cores can also make them quite sick.

6. Antifreeze: Simply put: It’s TOXIC!  We're not pulling any punches here: just 5 tablespoons can KILL a medium-sized pup, bit your dog doesn’t know that. And even if you take your car to the mechanic for maintenance, or dispose of antifreeze properly, one of your neighbours might not. Don’t let your pup drink from puddles, especially if you can’t figure out the source.

7. Rodenticide: Creatures that can’t stand dropping temps will do their best to take up residence inside your house - which is exactly why people set traps.  Regardless of where you stand on the kill-or-no-kill debate, you can never be completely sure your dog won’t get his nose into something harmful. Always keep your pup on a leash during walks to avoid any ingestion of poison. We also recommend keeping emergency phone numbers such as your Vet's and/or your local Poison Hotline in your phone, so that you can get immediate help.

8. Allergies: Allergies such as hayfever, are prone to occur as summer gives way to the inevitable Fall Equinox. Symptoms include skin irritation as well as "sneezing".  Although it's super-cute when puppies sneeze, it's often the first sign allergy season is upon us. If your dog's acting strangely or you suspect they might've gotten into something she shouldn’t have, consult your vet ASAP!  You can’t too cautious when it comes to keeping all members of your family in good health.


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