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Sunday, 30 January 2011 20:50

March 9th 2020

I started breeding cats back in the 1980's. By 1990 I was breeding dogs, first Rottweilers & Golden Retrievers, then Shetland Sheepdogs & Goldens. It was at that time, that I applied to the Canadian Kennel Club (CKC) to recognize my kennel name.

Edinglas Kennels was born, a division of Pet Country Estate. After much soul-searching and now in my 70th year, I have decided that my current litter will be my last. Once these pups go to their new homes by March 15th, that will be the end of Edinglas Kennels. 

Do not fear: PET COUNTRY ESTATE will remain very much alive.

As I look back over the years, there are two people I would like to single out in my announcement.

Firstly, Jim Gilchrist. My friend for the same amount of years, who many a time through various deliveries I have called on to assist when emergency care has been necessary. Secondly, Dr. Patricia Lechten from Allandale Veterinary Hospital. An amazing vet whom I called in the wee hours of the morning when I had a bitch with delivery problems. Never once did she complain about having to come to the hospital to do an emergency surgery.

To my past & present clients - some of whom have had four dogs from me - thank you for having faith in me and my boys & girls; please keep in touch with updates.  To my family & friends: thank you for putting up with me when I got a little tired and stressed at puppy time. And to my dedicated staff: thank you for helping me with lots of puppies over the years. In the “days of many” pups around, your support for cleaning & bath times will not be forgotten.

Now to my future. I will always be a part of Pet Country Estate, and it me, after all it is my home. My son Richard has been around for two years and will continue to be in charge of operations. As for me? I will spend more time with my four golden girls; Islay, Carli, Moonbeam & Rosslyn a pup I have kept from my current litter. On the horizon, more gardening, more golfing & more travelling. Although saddened in some respect, I know this is the right decision for me. 


Liz Gordon

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