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Written by Brian Adam   
Sunday, 11 May 2014 10:54

Born along with 3 brothers & 4 sisters from Arbreglen’s Special Attraction & Winaways Winterrama, as Arbreglen’s "Piper" of Edinglas grew, he was a wonderful addition to our family of shelties & goldens!  A playful, cheeky pup, but very much with a mind of his own, Piper was raised to be the Shetland Sheepdog stud for Pet Country Estate. He proved himself to be a great sire, and with his mates produced gorgeous, strong & healthy pups.

A little taller than what the conformation standards dictate, with bondless energy & able to run like the wind...with persuasion from agility trainer Debbie Ellis, Piper entered the agility ring! 

His picture below will be transformed into 4’x8’ mural. With "Tiree’s Training Arena" relocated here on the property, our new indoor Doggie Daycare building will be renamed "Piper’s Playroom” in memory of him. Piper will be laid to rest with many dearly-departed friends in our new memorial site. Sleep well little man, time to run free with the angels.  Liz










In Loving Memory of "Piper" - October 29, 2000 - May 5, 2014

He was a great companion, who loved agility & camping.  PIPER finished sixth overall at Regionals in 2006, receiving his title “Master Agility Dog of Canada”.  Now that he has crossed over the rainbow bridge, I hope he’s doing what he loved best, running through tunnels & jumping off the see-saw.  I will miss him. Deb Ellis

When Piper retired, a loving family took him under their care & became foster parents. Our Kennel Supervisor Pattie Page, husband Darren & daughter Bryce have been part of our family here at Pet Country Estate for many years now.  Heavily involved with RU READY AGILITY, and instrumental in the success Paws for a Cause/Family, this is tribute tribute.  Liz

Piper our “King of the Castle”

Piper spent most of his retired life over the past 5 years in luxury: on his PLUSH ARMCHAIR DOGBED!  His memory lives on in our hearts & in that of his puppies.  We'll miss his help at dinnertime, when he would push the dog food container back into the pantry for us, so we could hurry up and feed him.

He was definitely SLY: When you'd go to kiss him, he'd duck and return with a huge lick on our cheeks instead!  And he had "selective hearing".  He could hear us say “treat” or our bird “Gem” make a noise, but chose to 'ignore us' when we wanted him to go outside or come in the house!  Even HE knew we were under his charm & he did as he pleased.

A good fit with all members of the Page home (both tailed & beaked). He enjoyed playing with Celtic, Cin, Moe & Shadow, as well as intimating both “Jewels” the lorikeet and “Gem” the Blue Quaker.  The Page family will greatly miss his unique “King” attitude!  Even though he's no longer with us, Piper touched many people along the way!  We hope there is a LAMBIE-TEDDY in the afterlife for you. You lived an amazing life; we love you and will miss you very much! 

Pattie, Darren & Bryce Page

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