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Written by Brian Adam   
Sunday, 22 March 2015 19:40

July 14th, 2000 completely changed our lives when we picked up our Sheena.  Her Mom was Edinglas River Tweed; her Dad: Edinglas Fraserburgh, and her grandmother was Tiree. (Yes, the very same Tiree who - together with Rottweiler Tara - saved Pet Country Estate's Jim Gilchrist when he fell through the ice of Lake Simcoe Feb. 1995).

We are more than heartbroken to let you & Jim know that Sheena passed March 12th, 2015 at 5:15pm - in one of her favourite beds - completely surrounded by family including: the sweetest, soft-spoken & most compassionate vet Dr. Danielle Day and Morgan (who put herself out for us all) and came to our home. Although suffering from kidney failure, Sheena was a determined, stubborn puppy of almost 15 years.

She loved company so much, she would rather give up food just to be with people!  If we heard her bark 6 times in 15 years, it was a lot. And one good deep "WOOF" was all that she would need to tell a passerby to leave her be. Our girl had a passion, determination & love of life. She fell ill to vertigo which was challenging, but she overcame it! She battled through a pancreatitis attack and bounced back, didn't complain of arthritis in one leg or even hot spots.

She loved my cooking AND: plain Dairy Queen Ice Cream!  Being a traditional Jewish family, we would say special prayers on our Sabbath before Friday dinner at the table over a sacramental wine and then bread (challah). Sheena always came running and sat patiently to be served the challah every single week. It amazed everyone who shared dinner with us.

My Mom and my brother in particular loved to interact with her, and the entire family all knew how special she was. She entered our son Mitchell's life when he was 10, and as such we always referred to her as Mitchell's hairy sister.  She also developed a special bond & games with her Dad Ian.  And as for for me (her Mom) she moved me in such an incredible, positive way!  Along with bouncing back & enjoying life, she actually maintained a little puppy bounce on the snowy hills at times. It seemed like I could look right into her eyes and understand her.  I can't go on anymore except to tell you how grateful we all are for having her in our lives.

Being surrounded by dogs, I'm sure you've heard lots of wonderful stories. But I'm also certain that some of them became extra special and have a very special place in your heart. Be assured that Sheena would have been that for you, as she was for us.  Losing her & feeling the way we all do, truly emphasizes how much she meant to our family.  She wasn't just part of us, but completed us.  All the Best and Good Wishes,

Marlene, Ian and Mitchell Rattner


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