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Written by Brian Adam   
Tuesday, 29 January 2013 20:32

Dear Liz and Jim: Just over 13 years ago, you introduced our family (Jerry, Carol, Peter and myself, Kelly Wiley) to your wonderful world of Golden Retrievers.  We were blessed with our first golden - Dakota Wiley - in January 1998.  We loved him SO MUCH, we brought home his 'brother' Braveheart Wiley six-months later! THE BOYS as we refer to them truly enriched our home and family.  They always greeted us at the door, with a shoe or slipper as a Welcome Home gift, flop down into your lap for a cuddle, or lick your cheek

Our Gentle Giants were so smart & intuitive!  They never, ever had a grumpy day, or displayed anything but a wonderful disposition.  Truly the most beautiful animals both inside and out - I can't even imagine what all those years would've been like without them.  While our beloved Dakota struggled with a few health issues, we did our best to keep him comfortable.  Still happy as a pig know what - with smiling eyes & a wagging tail. 

But with age, his quality-of-life greatly decreased. No longer sound & comfortable, Dakota was released from his body, Tuesday, August 2, 2011.  He passed away peacefully - with his  Mum & Dad right by his side. We will always love that dog, and I'm sure we will always miss our darling Dakota.  Life will be very different without him.  Although he was covered in fur, had floppy ears, a tail, and an abundance sloppy kisses, "Dakota Wiley" was certainly the finest gentleman I've ever met.  On behalf of our family, I just wanted to THANK YOU so much for my  "Fur Brothers" - the 2 best dogs on the planet.

Sincerely, Kelly Wiley (and the whole Wiley clan)

Dakota Wiley: January 1998 - August 2, 2011

Dear Friends:  One of the best things I ever did was visit your kennel.  I fell in love with the original Braveheart, and then we were lucky enough to get Dakota & little Braveheart. They not only became part of the family, they became part of the neighbourhood.  I walked them 3-sometimes 4-times a day & WHOLE families would come out to see them.  They became known as "THE BOYS!" 

Dakota was so special!  A gentle giant, who loved everybody and everything - particularly children, seniors, and meal-time!  He used to literally stop an smell the flowers.  He couldn't understand why some dogs would growl at him, and particularly liked playing with a Havanese - which was HYSTERICAL to watch!  He loved and lived life, to the fullest. When I came home from my operation, he never left my side.  He would lie on the floor beside the bed or the couch and watch me constantly. I was so glad I was able to hold him when he died. 

Peter in his own quiet way, developed a special relationship with both of "The Boys" - and I think they played a significant role in his development.  He is one of the kindest, most compassionate young men I've ever known - and I believe "Dakota & Braveheart" had alot to do with that.  It's obvious how Kelly feels about them, and Carol - who continues to take care for Braveheart.  Practically inseparable, they did almost everything together - including sleeping back-to-back on our bedroom floor (sometimes IN OUR BED!)   Thank you for bringing them into our lives.  I have lost one of my very best friends.

Jerry Wiley

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