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Written by Brian Adam   
Sunday, 03 February 2013 08:13

Edinglas Connery: March 11, 1999 - Jan 1, 2013

Named after Scotland’s handsome leading man, Connery lived up to his name as a showman.  I've often heard the saying, “You get the dog you need, not the dog you want”.  Connery turned out to be both.  I'd recently lost my first golden "Shadow".  But just weeks later, a litter was born at Edinglas Kennels. The last litter produced by Tiree & Braveheart.  There was only one male and I was so happy he was going to be part of our family.

As well as becoming a cherished member of our family, my hope was that one day Connery and I would compete in obedience trails.  We started attending puppy classes at Pet Country Estate.  He was very quick to learn and eager to please, like most Goldens - but it soon became apparent that Connery didn’t love all dogs. One week it might be a little fluffy white pup...the next a big dog with a black face.  He was ready to take them on.  This is where “the dog I needed” comes in.  Although it would have been easier to avoid the dogs he reacted to, we continued to attend obedience classes.  We took walks around the Lakefront and participated in walk-a-thons, always working on his “doggie” issues.

In 2002 Connery passed the CKC Canine Good Neighbour test.   I was gaining confidence as a trainer but I was still cautious around “unknown” dogs.  We started competitive obedience classes. He was always challenging me to find a different way to teach him the obedience exercises. He was helping me become a better trainer.

In 2003 we entered our first Obedience Trail and earned our first leg and then our second.  You have to earn a qualifying score (leg) three times to earn a Title.  In May 2004, we earned our Canadian “Companion Dog” Title.  I loved training but competing scared the heck out of me!

In April 2004, our good friend, Julie and her rottie, Snickers, invited us to join them at a trial in Rochester NY.  There we earned our first U.S. leg.  We travelled back to Hamburg NY in September 2005 and earned two more, and one to spare.  Connery and I now had our “Companion Dog” Title in Canada and the U.S.  I was often told by spectators, how happy Connery looked competing in the show ring...head high and tail wagging.

We continued to attend competitive obedience classes in Toronto working towards the next title Companion Dog Excellence. Connery would get so excited when I brought the blue training bag out and he loved to practice.  He had mastered most the exercises for the next title and he was amazing with hand signals.  As my family was growing and taking more of my time (weddings and grandchildren) we stopped attending classes in 2007, but we never stopped practicing at home.

Connery was a member of the Pet Country Estate Obedience Demonstration Team for many years.  I enjoyed watching dogs run through the agility courses, so in the winter of 2009, Connery and I signed up for our first Agility class.  The jumps were set low for him; after all, he was approaching 11, but he loved it.  It was a joy to watch him on the equipment.   We never competed in agility but we did make our debut appearance in the agility demo at Paws for a Cause/Family Day, September 2010.  Connery and I retired from classes in 2011.

He loved going for walks, playing frisbee and got a new one every year for Christmas. (just like the one above) He loved the water, but wasn’t much of a swimmer. He’d walk in up to his belly/lie down or hunt for frogs.  As I arrived home from work, Connery was always at the kitchen window. I’m not sure how long he'd been standing there or how he knew I was coming, but he was always there.  He gave me a great welcome and always got excited for a car ride or a walk.

Connery passed away at home, early New Years’ morning.  Thank you Connery for all you taught me and for being my best friend & team mate on all our great adventures.  Thank you for being a wonderful member of our family.  I miss you like crazy, but I know you’re at peace now with your other family, Tiree, Braveheart, sister Bonnie and your buddies Snickers and Sheena. Until we meet again my boy.

Wendy and Ron Allen and your golden sisters, Scarlett & Mollie

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