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Written by Brian Adam   
Saturday, 20 July 2013 10:16

Dear Liz, our hearts are heavy as we tell you: we lost or dear best friend “Clancy” on June 12th.  It seems like yesterday when we picked him up from Pet Country Estate, almost 13 years ago. What a picture he was: a big ball of fluff and the last of his litter!

Your instructions were simple, “give him food & water and lots of love “. We happily did that and he returned the love to us 100 times over.  He changed our lives from day one, as he grew into a handsome, gentle 90-lb soul. He had such a beautiful temperament and so good natured....not a destructive or negative streak at all, and would rarely bark. His biggest joy was just being with us - and we were happy to plan our days and everything we did, around him.  He added so much to our lives.

He hated going to the vet as most dogs do, and so in the last couple of years, we had the vet come to our house to give Clancy his checkups.  He grew used to her in our home and was never afraid or anxious in her presence.  The last few months had been difficult, as we saw Clancy age. No longer could he ride in the car, or go the groomers as his back legs wouldn’t support him. Slippery surfaces such as hardwood or tile floors/even the deck was problem for him and he could no longer climb stairs. On his last day after his walk, it became apparent that his quality of life had diminished beyond what we thought he should endure.  

We had the vet come to the house and we said our tearful goodbyes to our faithful friend as he lay in his favourite place in the front hall. He drifted off peacefully, without any stress and with the two people he loved the most by his side.  We miss him terribly and know there will never be another “Clancy”.  We have such a void in our home & in our hearts.  We'll be talking about him for years to Clancy was one in a million!

Jim & Annie Barrett

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