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Written by Brian Adam   
Saturday, 12 January 2019 21:10

On the evening of January 8, 2019, we lost our sweet, precious "Chelsea" at the age of 6.  She as our greatest gift.  For six beautiful years, Chelsea brought us love, laughter and joy beyond compare every single day.  She was our constant companion and our best friend. Born June 24, 2012, eight weeks later she picked us to be her parents and our lives were forever changed from that moment.

We enjoyed her funny personality, stubborn nature, laziness and her never ending desire for food. She had a bit of sass and would give big, loud sighs when she didn’t get her way.  We would call her a drama queen at times.  She greeted visitors with a gift, usually a toy she had lying around; but most times, it ended up being a piece of clothing she took from the laundry basket. I had many embarrassing moments when she would present her dog walker with a pair of my underwear she took from the basket.

Our little girl was so smart and understood so much! Our rules before we went for walks were: no pulling, wait for us, and don’t eat garbage. She answered to many names: Chelsea, Chelser, Stinker, Monkey, Little Girl, Stinker Poo. She LOVED to swim so much and would cry with excitement when she heard the word, “swimming”.

Chelsea was diagnosed with mediastinal lymphoma on December 13, 2018. We are thankful we had a few beautiful weeks with her. It broke our hearts to watch her decline. We lived a lifetime in those short weeks with her and tried to make each day special. On her last day, we took her to MCDonalds and got her a cheeseburger with fries and then later a vanilla cone from Dairy Queen. She has gone to Heaven as the chubbiest goldens!

We are forever grateful to Pet Country for bringing this amazing girl into our lives and she gave us six beautiful years. Our Chelsea rescued us and made us better humans. She taught us how to live each day to the fullest and to enjoy nature. Our grief is indescribable.  Thank you, Liz. Sincerely, Angie & Steve


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