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Written by Brian Adam   
Wednesday, 03 January 2018 20:54

Carson: Edinglas Tobermory Sunset  (June 19, 2005 - December 30, 2017)

In 2005, "CARSON" (full name Carson Arthur Rowe) chose our family to be with.

On December 30, 2017 our family had to say goodbye to him. He was a great dog and we were a great family for him. Hikes, travel, cottaging and family were significant in his life.  Here's how our love of Carson started...

In August, 2005 we laid the ashes of our first family dog, "BRADOR" a black Labrador cross, on land across our cottage lake. The spot selected so he could continue to care for us from there. Our home became a house without a dog in it.

We needed a new dog to give our love to. My wife knew Liz Gordon was a breeder of Golden Retrievers and Shelties. So in September of 2005 we bundled the family to visit Pet Country Estate. Our girls were 12 & 9 at the time. In an enclosed area was an older litter of 4-5 pups, approximately 12 weeks old. Our youngest daughter ended up having her ponytail become a tug toy for a pup that showed the spunk to engage us. This was the boy we wanted, he chose us! We were thrilled to introduce Carson to our home and neighbourhood.

Carson had a full life of daily walks He met up with both skunks and porcupines on more than one occasion having a lasting impact on all of us. Carson loved the family cottage in Muskoka. He was a natural in the water. He could swim effortlessly with speed and grace. No surprise, he loved to retrieve decoys and sticks - for hours. He also saved rocks that were drowning (or so he thought) by bringing them up on land. We loved how he greeted us with his “snarls” (his smile) when we arrived home. Often he would have a shoe or boot telling us it was our duty to get him outside.

At Carson’s age of 6, the kids were more involved in their own academics & athletics thus limiting time to interact. My wife and I were in more pressing job roles, and we believe he was affected we believe. How much more work could another dog be? Another dog would be great company during the day for Carson, or so the thinking went.

On March 23, 2011 Carson met "FINDLAY" for the first time! 

Findlay always showed his love for Carson. Fin is a kisser. Carson, a taker. For the remaining 6 ½ years, Findlay loved Carson hard. They were buds. While Carson rarely showed affection for Fin, he did care. It showed in odd ways.

Findlay knew Carson’s days were coming up, we believe. Yet nothing prepares you for the experience of seeing a happy Golden Retriever mourn his bud.  And so we move forward with our one-dog house. The kids are young adults living elsewhere. Findlay will adapt, as will we eventually, and/or we might return to being a two-dog home again. Time will tell. Should this day come, we know that Pet Country Estate is the place to find another companion, for us, for Findlay, for the neighbourhood.

"Carson: Thank you for being such a great dog!  You will be missed. Hope you experienced the life that all dogs who love back hard deserve." The summer of 2018 will have Carson and Brador looking out over us from the other side of the cottage. Good Dogs.  Love, the Rowe Family.

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