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Written by Brian Adam   
Saturday, 02 February 2013 10:35

My wife Judy came to you Dec 15, 2000 looking for a puppy.  She took home a wonderful Sheltie she called "Schaeffer" who became her faithful shadow (just as as you had predicted) & her beloved friend. He followed her everywhere and was very obedient (more than our kids in fact!)  He maintained a strict no touch policy between us and would bark at us for even kissing when I left in the morning. Hug him we could, but each other...forget it. 

He was always gentle but reserved around children.  He loved to play soccer, especially as a goalie. He was always a cheerful fellow and healthy. I don't recall that he ever tangled with a porcupine, but he did encounter a couple of skunks over the years.

In early December, we found he was unable to go upstairs and began to find walking difficult. When we took him to the vet and discovered he had lost a-third of his body weight, we decided in great sorrow to allow him to go Monday Dec. 17, 2012.

He was a wonderful well-bred Sheltie.  Good-natured & wonderfully coloured, he always made friends everywhere he went. He's lovingly remember and sadly missed.  Joseph Bull. I'm not sure we are ready for another at this time, but if you're still breeding such wonderful examples, I may be interested in considering it, to keep my wife company while I am away.


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