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Wednesday, 26 January 2011 15:55

"Doggie Daycare" is a relatively new concept, designed to meet the needs of so many of today's busy families!  Pet Country Estate DOGGIE DAYCARE caters to the needs of 4-legged family members. With societal pressures taking dog owners away from home, often for extended periods of time, we're here to assist in providing specialized care for the always-important FAMILY DOG.

Here at Pet Country Estate, they'll have the opportunity to socialize with select groups of other friendly, healthy dogs under careful supervision. Your dog will learn to make friends, get affection & attention from experienced handlers, and thoroughly enjoy all of our program activities, while you're away from them.  Our goal is to promote your pet's health & well-being while in our care.  In doing so, we'll meet their needs & yours.  With that in mind - and to ensure their health & safety, here are our mandatory basic requirements. 


  • In good health, and free from communicable disease
  • Free of fleas & ticks. and on a preventative treatment program
  • All dog vaccination requirements must be current; Owners must submit written proof that their dog has received DHLPP, Bordatella and rabies.
  • Puppies must have been administered their second set of vaccinations
  • In the event a dog has been ill with a condition in the last 30 days a vet certification of return to health must be submitted for the dog to be admitted or readmitted
  • All dogs are to be neutered/spayed when of an age to be so (6-9 months) A female in season will not be able to attend until her season has passed; All puppies must be 12 weeks or older

Owners are required to certify that their dogs have not harmed or shown any aggression towards persons or other dogs. Any dog that becomes aggressive after being enrolled is removed from the daycare environment and held in the boarding kennels until the owner returns; strategies will be discussed, up to and including possible removal from the program.

Committed to helping dogs live happy lives, we take great pride in providing a safe, clean, stimulating, playful environment for your pets, and endeavour to provide you with quality services, for your peace of mind.  The Daycare curriculum will consist of plenty of supervised group indoor play, walks and other outdoor play exercises, quiet times in the relaxation area, time for individual affection, snacks as per owner’s instructions.

Our Daycare facilities consists of a reception area, a large dog play area, a small dog play area & a relaxation area.  In summer months, a dedicated private shaded garden area with paddling pools are created in anticipation of excessively hot days. We also offer many outside play areas and beautiful walking trails that weave through the property.  Dogs are evaluated and introduced into play groups according to size/temperament.  Positive reinforcement training techniques are exercised to maintain good behavior.

What makes us different?  Pet Country Estate also specializes in Cat Boarding

As for Dogs, Pet Country Estate offers a full range of services such as: boarding, training & daycare. Along with being Registered Breeders with the C.K.C., our staff has many years of diversified experience. We recognize behavioural problems quickly, and implement strategies to overcome them.  Offering much more than just indoor activities, Pet Country Estate is situated on a beautiful 10-acre property - with many outdoor playing fields & trails for dogs to walk/explore & play under our supervision!

Leaving on business or going on vacation for any length of time?  Rest assured boarding with us, is something all members of the family can look forward to.  In other words: Dogs instinctively know they're WELCOME!

Whether enrolling in our Daycare program or Booking an Overnight Stay, we emphasize "FUN" in everything we do - with their health & well-being as our Top Priority!  For more info, click here to email Liz Gordon or call (705) 431-1010.

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