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Making a "Dental Difference" in your Cat's Life - by Liz Gordon PDF Print E-mail
Written by Brian Adam   
Saturday, 27 July 2013 11:35

Dental disease affects approximately 85% of cats & dogs, over 1-yr old. As your cat's caregiver, there are many decisions to make, in order to keep your pet healthy & happy - and that includes proper dental health.  Your Veterinary Team will know whic complete dental-health program is best.  It may include:

A dental prophylaxis to remove tartar & plaque buildup and/or enhealthy teeth.

Scheduled overall health check-ups, including dental.

Instructions on how to brushing your cat’s teeth at home using a recommended brush & cat-approved toothpaste, as well as feeding Vet-exclusive, clinically-proven dental formula food


Start by gently handling the muzzle area for a few seconds on a regular basis.  For best results, choose quiet times and end each session on a positive note.  The sooner you get your cat used to this action, the better it will be.  Starting this as a kitten, is best.

Next: introduce a small amount of toothpaste designed for cats, by putting it on your finger.  Start with the canine teeth, then gradually work your way around the whole mouth; be sure to include gums as well as teeth.

Introduce the toothbrush, by wetting the bristles, placing a line of toothpaste onto the brush, and pressing it firmly into the bristles.  Hold the brush like a pen, concentrating solely on the canine teeth to begin with.  Use gentle circular motions.

Now work your way slowly & gently around the rest of the teeth, towards the back.  It is not necessary to brush the inside surface, as most of the tartar accumulation occurs on the outer surface.

Finally, brush the front teeth by gently taking hold of the muzzle and lifting the upper lip, using an Up-&-Down motion.

The time & effort that you commit to this training process can make a significant improvement in your cat’s dental health. This will positively impact their quality of life, and will enhance the bond that you share with them.  Til' next time remember: "All you LOVE!"


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