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Wednesday, 26 January 2011 15:41


Located on ten acres with walking trails and fenced areas, all dogs are kept in a secured & heated kennel. The kennel consists of indoor/outdoor runs; also crate accommodation. There are outdoor dog runs with sun shelter that allow the dogs to be outside during the day weather permitting so they do not have to be kept inside all the time. As many dogs do not like leash walking to relieve themselves, dogs are placed in either an indoor/outdoor run or outdoor area to gain relief. We do recommend some exercise daily in conjunction with our doggie daycare program. Along with regular workers, we have wonderful volunteers that love to talk to & cuddle dogs & puppies.

To enhance their boarding experience, we encourage you to take advantage of our Doggie Daycare which is open year-round. Pet Country Estate offers your dog an opportunity to socialize with selected groups of other friendly, healthy dogs; your dog will learn to make friends with other dogs, & enjoy their time away from you, a onetime assessment is required.

We also offer a 24-hourDay/Night Program for a flat rate. While other daycare dogs are on rest periods, a boarding dog that does not socialize well but needs some freedom throughout the day can still be booked for exercise hours in a daycare play area for a nominal hourly fee. As the dog will not be in group play, no assessment is necessary. 

We require that you bring your dog’s food with you, although we certainly carry food. Changing a dog’s diet is not a good idea, and if required to use our food there will be a nominal fee. The dogs are fed according to your instructions. Bringing your own bowls is not required as we use stainless steel bowls at the kennel that are easily sterilized.

Rates are determined by the weight of the animal; they range from $23 - $28 + HST daily. On the day of pickup, after 12:00 noon there is an extra $1 an hour charged until you arrive instead of another day’s rate. If a dog requires medication, there is a $1 to $5 fee per type and administration. This fee is dependent on type & administration of medication required. If a dog is staying more than 7 days, a deposit of approximately 50% of the cost of the stay is required at the time the dog is dropped off.

Kennel boarding hours are:                      Monday to Friday          9:00 AM - 5:00 PM

(Closed Weekdays between 1PM - 3PM)

Saturdays                     9:00 AM - 1:00 PM

Sundays                       9:00 AM - 5:00 PM



  • A copy of your vet certificate showing up-to-date inoculations (including bordetella - "kennel cough vaccine"), to be provided annually.
  •  Adequate food for your dog’s stay, and an appropriate collar - either a properly fitted flat collar, or a martingale.

To secure bookings, please call one of our kennel assistants at (705) 431-1010.  You may also email:  Note: we only accept cash or debit payments.

Pet Country Estate also offers CAT BOARDING!  For more information click here!


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